Monday, September 27, 2010

Jennifer L. Wiley

As most of you probably know at this point, considering Boneyard members follow UNC message boards and relevant UNC athletics news just about as closely as anyone, the name of the infamous tutor is out.  This is the young woman who is at the heart of the academic investigation.

It was released by the Raleigh News and Observer, and then followed by numerous UNC fan blogs and sports blogs around the state, that Jennifer L. Wiley is the former UNC tutor who is ALLEGEDLY at the epicenter of the improprieties surrounding the UNC football team.  Wiley, 22, is none other but a teacher in an elementary school in Durham at the moment.

I say at the moment, because unfortunately I doubt her position will still be available after her name is tied to the hitch and dragged through the mud.  This is unfortunate for a few reasons, the main one being that Greg Little supposedly opened his mouth under pressure from the NCAA's infamous good-cop/bad-cop routine.  Not ever having been subject to an NCAA interrogation, the Boneyard laughs at this because we would do what Alabama did and tell the NCAA to pump the breaks and we would take it from there.  We did no such thing, and thus this young lady's life is ruined for the time being.

The UNC blog does a fantastic job detailing what this means, so I'll let you read your no BS news there, and give you the Boneyard take on this.

While the Boneyard as a whole feels bad for any person subject to the public humiliation about to be brought upon Ms. Wiley, it was she who got herself into this mess.  Just as the football players on our team are going to endure punishment for their actions, Ms. Wiley too will have to atone for her idiocy.  Where I lose sympathy is when taking into account how wide-spread these improprieties are.  That's just stupid.  If you're stupid, like (and I apologize for this) Marvin Austin and his twitter account, you're going to get caught.  Period.

So now this is out there, here's the young woman's names, and both she and her family will unfortunately face the public embarrassment that comes along with her wrongdoings.  When searching for a picture to more publicly blaspheme the girl, I and fellow googlers found nothing.  As we've seen with the leprechaun situation in Mobile, Alabama, an amateur sketch just will not do.  So, Jennifer L. Wiley, you can sleep well tonight knowing that at least you're not this guy:

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