Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coples is Ready

Quinton Coples Quinton Coples #90 and Tydreke Powell #91 of the North Carolina Tar Heels celebrates after sacking Jimmy Clauson #7 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Kenan Stadium October 11, 2008 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Be aware...because we're going to come, and the objective is to punish

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Game and other news

This past weekend Butch Davis and the Tar Heels hosted the annual spring game, during which the public could come watch our 2011 squad in action. The Boneyard, albeit small in numbers, was in attendance for the festivities. Although one cannot place much emphasis on intra-squad scrimmages, it was good to see Renner comfortable with an array of receivers, most notably Erik Highsmith. Renner also highlighted Dwight Jones as another one of his go-to targets, but I was particularly concerned by a few of Jones' drops. But again, intra-squad scrimmages mean absolutely nothing. A total of four Tar Heel quarterbacks saw action in the scrimmage, and freshman Marquise Williams gave Kenan Stadium some excitement with a 43-yard touchdown. No need to go throwing around Michael Vick comparisons but this kid is impressively mobile.

The Boneyard was also very interested in the developments of Kenan's "Blue Zone." It's something I like to describe as "the place where big ballers come to the big bowl to watch big players make big hits." Someday the Boneyard will make the Blue Zone its permanent resting place, but for now the members are content in our beloved Section 111. See the attached picture for Blue Zone developments.

Lastly, the Boneyard would like to update our followers on some interesting defensive developments. It seems as though Quinton Coples and Matt Merletti have been named to the 2011 Lott Trophy watch list. It's no surprise that Coples makes the list. A stacked class of Tar Heel defense-men will be entering this year's NFL draft, forcing Q-Dog to step up his game. And, on his own merits, Coples was the beast that we needed last year regardless of who was around him. The dude had 10 sacks for a loss of 73 yards. Just thinking about that Omega brand scares me. Placing Merletti on this watch list is a whole 'nother ball game. Make no mistake, opposing offenses went right at Merletti for the majority of last season. This attention did make Merletti more accountable, and thus, a more improved safety. However, you can't coach height and Merletti comes up wanting at 5-11. As the Boneyard likes to say, that's Swedish height. For the full Lott Trophy watch list go here.

All in all, great news for the Heels so far next season. Until next time,


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pro Day results

Boneyardheels received its first limited access to a press-only event today and it was exciting to view our guys doing work. Thankfully the rain held off this morning so the pro prospects could show their stuff. Boneyard can also confirm that several NFL Head Coaches were in attendance, including Mike Tomlin and Lovie Smith. A few notes from the Tar Heels' pro day:

1. Shaun Draughn's ankle is obviously not hurt anymore. Glad to see he's performing at maximum potential.

2. In the words of a Boneyard colleague, "Robert Quinn is a freak." He needed a good performance to solidify all the hype he's been receiving lately. Quinn threw up 24 reps, ran a 4.59, and demonstrated his lightning-quick agility by posting a 4.26 in the three-cone drill. We'll miss what could have been with Quinn.

3. The Tar Heel who probably improved his draft stock the most is Quarterback TJ Yates. Not including drops, Yates completed 110 of 112 passes and impressed many pro scouts. A breakdown of his performance can be found here.

Congrats and good luck to all the Heels. Boneyard will be paying close attention to what happens on Draft Day.

10 1/4 Inch Hands

Take out a ruler. Put your hand next to it. Compare to 10 1/4 inches. Imagine meat claws of death coming at you like a freight train of doom. The man was built for destruction.


It's Pro Day in Chapel Hill folks and we have several Tar Heels looking to impress NFL coaches and scouts. Rumor has it is that Mike Tomlin is in the front row. Boneyardheels is on-site (relatively) and ready to give updates. Unfortunately our perch from above the practice fields has been compromised because, well, they aren't hosting pro-day there and the weather in Chapel Hill may also force the squad indoors. Robert Quinn needs to improve on his combine performance to lock in a top 10 draft spot. More updates as the day progresses. Laces out.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Basketball Season At An End

Boneyard followers:

The absence of posts as of late has been a bit disappointing we must admit. However, this was a blog designed to highlight the achievements of an incredibly entertaining Tar Heel football team who exceeded all expectations. In a surprising turn of events, the UNC basketball team faced similar adversity this season, and like our resilient football squad, achieved beyond our wildest dreams. Normally poised as the dominant sport in Chapel Hill and the dominant basketball team in the ACC, there were times this season that our beloved Tar Heels looked to be a mirror image of last year's awful debacle. However, just like the emotional roller coaster that accompanied Butch's Boys this year, Roy, Black Falcon, K Butter and the rest of the crew gave us yet another season to remember. I dare you to watch any of the post-game interviews in the locker room and suggest our guys didn't give it their all. Truly a testament to their camaraderie and commitment to the program. Can't say I don't wish we were cutting down the nets, but as always, we remain proud to be Tarheels. Adam Lucas provides a great perspective about this team's place in history, and I think he nails it on the head. Take a look here.

In other news, the spring game is a week from Saturday. Let the countdown begin! Already watching practice from the office window. Get pumped for another great season. BONEYARD

Monday, March 14, 2011

Are you kidding me?

I've just about had it with Kyle Singler at this point.  This is a deplorable way to play defense and an absolutely appalling call made by the officials.  I have no problem at all with Mike Gminski, but it's interesting to hear him try to defend this call while simultaneously watching the replay for the first time.  

That being said, we lost that game yesterday in an ugly fashion.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Duke is who we thought they were.  

Aside from the outcome that was a great game last night, we'll see you on March 5th.